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DYNAMCO began operations in 1967 with the goal to design, manufacture and market the highest performance, highest quality, most reliable valves in the pneumatic industry. None of DYNAMCO's founders had previously worked in the pneumatic industry. This turned out to be a major advantage because we were not hindered by preconceived ideas of "how things had always been done."

In order to achieve our goals we have instilled quality into everything we do. Quality begins with the product design. The design must not only have the desired performance and features but also it must be producible at DYNAMCO's quality standards. Next we develop the manufacturing processes that insure finished parts and products achieve or surpass their original design criteria. We chose at the beginning of the company to manufacture virtually all of our parts ourselves. This has enabled us to control our quality and our costs, but also it has meant taking on all of the technological challenges of various manufacturing processes. It also requires continued capital investments.

Today, DYNAMCO is an integrated manufacturing company with a large complement of machine tools, assembly fixtures, inspection and test equipment. We are financially strong and independent which means our customers get better service and support. We sell our products throughout the world through the highest qualified independent distributors. We have many large O.E.M. projects that get full factory support regardless where they are throughout the world.

Every DYNAMCO product from the simplest fitting to the most complex system is individually tested to meet DYNAMCO standards. These standards are continually being upgraded and improved to maintain our leadership in the industry.

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